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If the Kardashian/Jenners were at York, which college would they be in?

From goose s**t to asbestos, would the Kardashian/Jenners survive at York?

We all know the Kardashians for their highly glamorous lifestyles in the gated community of Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, but which college would they be in if they mingled with geese at University of York? More importantly would any of them survive in Derwent?

Halifax – Rob Kardashian

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Happy birthday @krisjenner ❤️?❤️

A post shared by Rob Kardashian (@robkardashianofficial) on Nov 5, 2019 at 10:36am PST

Part of the family but as uninvolved as possible, one would find Rob Kardashian mingling with the other recluses at Halifax, occasionally resurfacing just to remind everyone that they do, in fact, still exist.

James – Khloe Kardashian

Balancing her time between working out at the gym and dating sports stars, Khloe would be living her best life at James; probably seen more in the Sports Centre than James College itself. Although James' renowned N Block (aka James' prison block) may give Khloe bad memories from her brief time in prison for a DUI…

Vanbrugh – Kourtney Kardashian

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Almost spilled the tea.

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At the heart of the campus but not quite the centre of attention, Kourtney would be seen shaking her salad bowl in V Bar, turning her nose up at the mash whilst working on "Poosh", her blog. Seen spending most of her time at V Bar, Kourtney would in fact be avoiding Scott whose time would predominantly be spent day (and night) drinking in the other campus bar, Courtyard.

Derwent – Scott Disick

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Back 2 basics

A post shared by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on Apr 20, 2019 at 1:19pm PDT

A bit of a mess but obsessed with partying, Scott couldn't find a college that would suit him better. He'd throw the wildest block parties and campus security would 100 percent be called out every week because of his outrageous pres. Definitely would miss every lecture for the sesh but would be worth it when crowned BNOC. However, he might have to get the team from his home renovation programme, "Flip It Like Disick" to fix the dreaded Derwent mould and asbestos problem.

Goodricke – Kendall Jenner

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we both use @moon ? #moon_partner

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Not as prominent on KUWTK as she used to be, Kendall would fit in well at Goodricke…if she managed to find the college in the first place. Though she may not be as big as Kylie and Kris, Kendall still keeps it classy on Campus East. Although a little further away from the rest of the action, the walk would mean that Kendall could practice her catwalk between both campuses.

Constantine – Kylie Jenner

About as self-made as the girls in Constantine who rely heavily on their daddy's wallet, glamorous Kylie wouldn't be seen anywhere else on campus. Kylie would fit in well with the glam international students wearing Gucci and Balenciaga, putting the other undergrads to shame. In order to spend enough time in front of the mirror achieving the perfect lip, the Constantine en-suites would be a must for Kylie.

Langwith – Kris Jenner

Not far from her favourite child Kylie, classy Kris would fit in well at Langwith. As one of the original colleges that is home to Glasshouse, one would find Kris sipping on a Martini whilst remarking "You're doing amazing sweetie!" to students needing a bit of Kris Jenner motivation. When not focusing on her Momager degree, she would be found hosting her famous parties at her flat.

Wentworth – Caitlyn Jenner

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Great interview today for @bbc

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Low-key Graduate College Wentworth would be perfect for 70 year-old Caitlyn, who one would find motivating the other students with her catchphrase, "It's another day to excel!" Self-sufficient and not reliant on the Kardashians, Caitlyn would thrive in independent Wentworth.

Alcuin – Brandon and Brody Jenner

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Who? Literally who? Exactly. Alcuin is perfect for them.

Vita Student – Kim Kardashian

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⛅️ Celestial Skies 1.24 ⛅️

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QUEEN of the empire, Kim, would not be seen dead on Campus, mingling with the peasants and geese in fear of getting goose s**t on her Yeezy's. Instead, she would be working out with her personal trainer and sisters at the private gym and watching KUWTK in the cinema room at Vita.

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