If the characters in Friends went to York, which college would each of them be in?

They fit in surprisingly well with college stereotypes

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I am going to attempt to answer one very important question. Which college would "the friends", from the hit tv-series show 'F.r.i.e.n.d.s' , be in?

You may think they would all be in Alcuin, due to the fact the best coffee shop on campus is there, but in fact it seems they may all be in different ones, left to carve out their own destiny in their own friendship groups.

Kitchen at Alcuin is the new Central Perk

Vanbrugh – Joey

Should I get one or two burritos?

Joey naturally would have applied for Vanbrugh. You may think this is because of the proximity to the Drama Barn. This, however, is an incorrect assumption. The real reason he applied to Vanbrugh was in fact because he witnessed the glory of Vanbrugh food court on the open day. Joey would definitely be seen missing lectures, loading up on burritos, and checking out what's on at the 'usual suspects' stand.

Derwent – Ross & Chandler

The Derwent Chair is letting me DJ Cabaret D

Ross and Chandler, in their desperation to be cool, would have applied for the 'party college' and probably taken a twin room even though their mothers would have wanted them in a room with an ensuite. Their mothers would have been consoled because "at least it's catered."

In the show they are portrayed as hopeless college students, forming a band in order to seem cool but rarely having the substance to back it up, pretty much like Derwent students.

They would frequent D events but also probably choose politically incorrect costumes. They would have had gigs in Courtyard, mistaking the usual punters as loyal fans.

Ross and Chandler's hopelessness and delusion is right at home in Derwent College.

James – Monica

'Remember, if I am harsh with you, its only because you're doing it wrong'

The most competitive college, also at the heart of campus, would have made a home for Monica. She would be seen at the centre of all sports, chanting at the top of her voice. Roses would have been the most important weekend of the year for her.

Much like Monica's apartment, James is the backdrop of many organised activities. With the heart of campus residing in James, it is hard to imagine Monica anywhere else.

Alcuin – Rachel

What if I don’t wanna be a shoe? What if I wanna be a purse, y’know? Or a hat!

Rachel would have chosen Alcuin accommodation, because it's a little bit nicer and fresher than most of the Hes West accommodation.

One might assume she would have preferred the luxury of Heslington East, but Rachel would be concerned with its lack of proximity to social engagements and shopping, and therefore would have been a Hes West gal.

Daddy would have driven her up on the first day of university in her Fiat 500 and would have taken her for lunch at Betty's.

However, soon after Rachel would have disobeyed her father's wishes, transferred from law to psychology and would have been cut off financially. She needed a job quick, luckily she lived just near a coffee house, where she could get a job, the Kitchen at Alcuin.

Langwith – Phoebe

Phoebe is a strong member of the group, yet still maintains her distance. She has many other friends than just the ones in the group. This means often she can feel sidelined.

Much like Langwith, which is one of the original colleges, yet has been swept away into the depths of Hes East, therefore keeping her away from the other five friends.

Phoebe still manages to be a popular member of the group and is a lot of fun and probably the coolest out of the group, just like Langwith students.

Halifax – Carol and Susan

The Elusive types

Carol and Susan would spend their days enjoying the liberal attitudes of JJ's. Unfortunately for Halifax, it appears on the social scene just as much as Carol and Susan appear on the show, intermittently. Just like Halifax students, no one really knows what Carol and Susan get up to in their own time.

Halifax has a love-hate affair with Derwent. Carol and Susan would fit in well with other students in Halifax, precisely because they hate somebody in Derwent but they just can't shake them off, for Carol and Susan it is Ross.

Goodricke – Mike

Goodricke's only relevance is the fact they know someone in Langwith. Just like Mike's only relevance is that he knows Phoebe. Mike is good fun but he is pretty awkward, remember the one where him and Ross have nothing in common? He would fit in well at Goodricke College as he would have the ability to avoid any human contact other than with his true love Langwith.

Wentworth – Charlie

Hi, I will be taking your seminar this term

Charlie is kinda boring and mature, she sits in the Edge Cafe when she's not taking seminars. She will leave you for someone with a nobel prize any day.

Constantine – Gunther

Gunther has a love for coffee and cake that reaches the same height as the members of Constantine. Gunther is kinda always there but nobody notices him, this is classic Constantinian behaviour.

YSJ -Janice

You love to hate her. She annoys you, she's a little bit tacky, a little bit loud. The hate for her is a long-running joke but this is just an act because actually we all like Janice very much.

Private off-campus accommodation – Emily

Emily is a posh English girl from over the pond. Where else could she live other than Student Castle?

She is international, rich and she likes the finer things in life. Private off-campus residents are actually members of Derwent, giving Emily her chance to find a perfect native boyfriend to take home to impress her friends, namely Ross. She goes to every D event and wears all her vintage sports merch no matter what the theme.