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Which UK Ru Paul’s Drag Race Queen belongs to your college?

These queens would live for a night out in Salvos

Finally Ru Paul's Drag Race has arrived in the UK and the UK queens are serving looks so fierce they are making Queen Elizabeth shake in her boots.

We all know that the queens love a party so would live for university life, but which one would you find in your college kitchen stealing all your cheese?

Lets find out which national Queen fits your college crest best (sorry Lizzie).

Baga Chipz – Derwent

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Not afraid to get down and dirty, Baga embodies Derwent through and through. Like any Derwent student Baga lives for the sesh and getting messy, she may not be the classiest of Queen's but she definitely brings the banter. You'd find her at the end of the night dancing in Salvo's (even when the lights come on) before stumbling out to Salt & Pepper to get her chips and gravy to make her much betta!

Blu Hydrangea – James

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Poor innocent baby Blu – you cannot help but think, Blu needs protecting at all costs. Blu's parents would force her to go into the all catered college to ensure she was getting all her 5 a day Monday – Friday. Much like you James lot Blu cannot cook to save her life and is forced to survive on the catered meals.

Cheryl Hole – Langwith

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Cheryl is undoubtedly a Langwith girl. Classy, sassy and a lil bit nasty this queen would fit right into Langwith. All the looks she serves scream expensive couture and she rocks them. No doubt you'll find her death dropping in the middle of Rev's d-floor before passing out in the smoking area.

Divina de Campo – Vanburgh

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Divina de Campo the old school queen. Just like Vanburgh she's a little bit old and a little bit run down but you still love it! She is the heart of the competition and Vanburgh is the heart of campus. She'd defo be the flat mum and look after you all but would lose her wig if you stole her cheese.

Gothy Kendoll – Goodricke

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Remember Gothy Kendoll from episode 1? No? Well she defo belongs in Goodricke: nice, polished but easily forgotten. You guys just need to work on your presence a little bit more (*roar*).

Scaredy Kat – Alcuin

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Young, sweet Scaredy Kat would fit right into Alcuin. This quieter queen needs a wholesome Alcuin flat that will love her and her alternative ways. Not up for a big night out you'd find this queen curled up in the library studying hard for her degree.

Sum Ting Wong – Halifax

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Sum Ting Wong has shown us some fierce looks, but she has also shown some pretty weak looks. This queen is not good at taking criticism and is much like her fellow Halifax house mates who you CANNOT tell that Halifax is the worst college.

The Vivienne – Constantine

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The Vivienne each week gives us the strongest looks and like any Constantine chick she has the best wardrobe. She is the life and soul of the party and would dominate any flat party with her sick Donald Trump and Kim Woodburn impressions before rounding you all up and taking you to Kuda where every shot would be on her. Much like her Constantine flatmates she knows she's the best and she will let you know this.

Vinegar Strokes – Wentworth

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Ah Vinegar Strokes the seasoned Queen, full of drag-ulous advice and experience – she has lived through it all. Vinegar belongs in Wentworth with her post-grad pals where they spend their evenings getting wine drunk in the kitchen before bitching about the annoying baby freshers.