Which Sex Education character is your college at York?

The new Netflix show that fits too well into university life

What's better than a show that every teen can relate to? A Tab article that tells you which UoY college is which character in that show of course. So let's get to it, some quality procrastination material coming up.

Alcuin – Lily

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Nobody really knows who they are, all they know is that they can be a little bit weird, but confident about it. People may think they look innocent but in reality they are into some weird kinky stuff that FetSoc would love to hear about. They mean well and are very caring but it doesn't always come off like that. Wearing bold clothes reminds everyone else that they still exist despite being stuck behind the JB Morrell.

Constantine – Anwar's group

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Posh, rich and would trade in their own friend for a Vikings. Most likely to send nudes to someone they won't even keep in contact with. They have many embarassing stories that they'll definitely tell on the corridor at 4am after Salvos. They may look good but they aren't all that at the end of the day. There is always one in the group that doesn't quite fit in and is definitely only there for the double bed and ensuite.

Derwent – Adam

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Everyone knows who they are even if they wish they didn't. They act all rough on the outside (mainly by bullying Vanbrugh) to try and defend Derwent as not being a shit college (even though they know its true). If they're on the Derwent rugby team then it's probably to assist their masculinity. Very confident in their own body and probably smokes a lottt of weed to forget that their parents are disappointed in them.

Goodricke – Otis

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Innocent, loyal, a bit awkward and a hopeless romantic. They often can't spit out their words as fluently as they'd like, but when they can it is the best advice anyone can give. Bit of a nerd who knows more in theory than of practice of anything. The type of student to want to get away as far as possible from their parents to live their own lives as a messy overthinker who may be unlucky in love, but deserves the best.

Halifax – Maeve

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They look like they're tough but deep down they're a softie who only cares about those close to them. Loyal, independent and fun but also an idiot at times that will make a lot of bad decisions. They're a bit distanced from everyone else, but having a lack of social life means they can stay in and do lots of work, or not.

James – Jackson

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Sporty because they live right next to Hes West gym and also very social. A self-proclaimed feminist that has no idea how the other sex, or even how their own sex, works. They don't get shit for being inherently rich like Constantine but that's because they don't flash it off. Often pressured by their parents to do well, they make up for it by being an entertainer to make others happy, adding to their popularity around campus. They're just trying their best but they have no idea, or doubt themselves on, what they want to do in life after their degree.

Langwith – Ola

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They're sometimes sensitive and have a little bit of dry humour, but that doesn't make them bad to be around. After a few drinks they can let their hair down a little and dance like nobody is watching on the rotating dancefloor of Popworld. Very chill about life, but often too chill that they contemplate just ditching their course and uni in general to start a new life. Thailand anybody? Gap year round 2?!!

Vanbrugh – Eric

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All they want is popularity, or just to be known by someone, ANYONE. They do wild things to get their name somewhere but that just makes them great at parties with their free spirit and lack of limits. They are persistent and optimistic but when someone knocks them down they take it to heart. Then, before you know it they're an excitable puppy again with a big personality that lives for gossip and drama.

Wentworth – Mr Hendricks

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They try to be down with the kids with the way they dress and behave by wearing clothes from Urban Outfitters, joining societies to know younger students, etc – but they are somewhat loveable nevertheless. Although you may be a secret alcoholic because everyone else your age is either pregnant or engaged, you're still learning to be a functional adult who is going places with their degree. And you also despise freshers more than any other years. Naturally.

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