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Which Love Islander would be in your college?

A definitive list of who would be living it up with you in halls

Whether you watch it alone, or coupled up, we all drop everything at 9pm when Ian Stirling booms: 'previously on Love Island'. We live for the drama and each have our own favourite Islander or couple.

But which Islander's would fit in at York and which ones would be living with you in your halls?

Constantine: Molly-Mae

Constantine is the most expensive college, which means it is full of Fiat 500 girls who live off daddy's bank account. Molly-Mae's perfectly dyed hair, that will have been done in her towns best-rated hair salon, resembles that of the girls in Constantine. I'm also 99% certain that she too will drive a white fiat 500…

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Alcuin: Anna

This glamorous pharmacist provides hope for those in Alcuin: just because they are known for spending all of their time in the library doesn't mean that they are all necessarily nerds who don't know how to party. As a past resident there myself I can tell you that there are girls just as beautiful and fun as Anna.

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Wentworth: Ovie

Ovie matches the wise and mature student vibe. When he is disturbed by drunk, rowdy and immature freshers running around campus he would stay chilled and remove himself from all the drama. Like many Wentworth student's he defo gives the best life advice.

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James: Tommy

James' is the sporty college and seeing as Tommy is an athlete he would fit right in there. More importantly, as the only college that is fully catered it is ideal for this mummy's boy as he has shown on many occasions his inability to cook. Well, unless he can live off bread with a slice of cheese, ketchup and mayo for breakfast, lunch and dinner, yum.

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Goodricke: The leftovers from Casa Amor

The best part about Love island is when the main villa splits but, unfortunately when it comes to an end we are left with six islanders that no one really wants. Like Goodricke on Hes East these islanders are left on the side lines and are kinda forgotten about.

Langwith: Jordan

Home of the wannabe footballer but actually just a f*ckboy look. Jordan loves time with the lads, playing FIFA and partying – a bit like every boy in Langwith. You'd defo find him every other night in Glasshouse spending his YoYo points like an absolute baller on pints with the lads and then occasionally taking his long term GF for nachos.

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Derwent: Maura

Since entering the villa Maura has carried the entire show with her amazing sex related one liners. She is fit, flirty and a riot and is the only islander who could keep up with antics that occur at the infamous Derwent block parties.

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Halifax: Amber

The fact that this college is located amongst the sticks inevitably holds the same fate Amber did when she was packed off to Casa Amor…If I have one tip for Halifax residents it would be to never take our eyes of your partner.

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Vanbrugh: Curtis

If he isn't at the centre of attention then he is teaching other islanders how to dance and with Vanbrugh located right next to the music department Curtis would be up dancing all night long. Almost every fresher seems to put Vanbrugh as their first choice for accommodation and right now Curtis is the first choice for many girls in the villa.

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