Nominations are now open for York’s BNOC of the Year

Sorry but you can’t vote for yourself

Here we go, it’s time for the biggie, the one you’ve been waiting for, the most important award of the year…Nominations are open for the biggest competition of the year, and it could be you who wins!

BNOC’s of the Year have gone on to do great things, become campus superstars and continue to dominate their names on campus.

We’re expecting thousands of votes, if you think they’re important, nominate them.

But what makes a BNOC I hear you ask?

  • EVERYONE KNOWS THEM – They may captain half of York’s sports teams, DJ at all the niche club nights and consistently get over 100 likes on every Facebook post. Literally everyone knows them.
  • THEY’RE INFAMOUS – The one who spewed on the dance-floor in Salvos after one too many jägerbombs, the one who threw a pool party in their halls, or even the one who ran a very memorable YUSU election campaign. You may not know them personally, but you know their story, so come on, give them the glory their deserve.
  • YOU ALWAYS SEE THEM OUT – How they have not been hospitalised or kicked out of uni you will never know. Week by week there they are, Mambo lounge, necking a VK.
  • THEY’RE JUST REALLY GREAT – They hold down 5 jobs, chair a ton of societies and seem to have their life together. Even mentioning their name makes you feel like a worse person. They’re great, so nominate them.

If you think your friend is a big name in York then nominate them here:

University of York

The Tab York

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