Move over Beth Cash, here’s the only YUSU election campaign video worth watching this year

#JensWeCan #DuckSayQuack

We thought we’d seen it all with Beth Cash’s notorious ‘Campaign Song’; which to this day has gained well over eighteen thousand views on YouTube. Beth was the talk of  the YUSU elections this time last year, making it difficult to ever forget the way she scootered to the music outside Heslington Hall or indeed the ‘flippin’ good stunts on the lawn.

However, nobody told us what we were in for this year.

Running for International Student’s Officer, Jens Dahle-Granli is a second year studying Politics and IR, and has quite frankly blown us away with possibly the best campaign video of all time. Not only has it been filmed on a beautiful Norwegian backdrop, but the production values are possibly the greatest we’ve ever seen from an election campaign video.

Vote for Jens and his big blue eyes

The Tab spoke to Jens about his campaign:

Why did you decide to run in the 2017 YUSU elections?

I decided to run for International Officer because I want to make the life for the international student better and cheaper than today. And after being an international student for one and a half years I have seen a lot of flaws I want to change.

What was the inspiration behind you campaign video?

My inspiration was that I wanted to make music video which easily outlined my policies and was funny. Why the song “what does the fox say”? It’s Norwegian, check. It’s world famous, check. It’s ridiculously great, check.

What will it mean to you if you win?

It would mean the world to me, I would love to represent the international community at York. And if I win I will be very grateful!

For more policies and his superb video click below:

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