Is Beth Cash’s student union election video the best of all time?

It’s three minutes and 21 seconds you won’t get back

Beth Cash, a candidate for YUSU Sport President, released a video last night.

And it might just be the best thing on the internet.

Its a remake of Rachel Platten’s 2014 magnum opus, ‘Fight Song’ and features Beth in various locations across York’s picturesque campus filmed in stunning 380p.

She proves that anyone can take part in sport, even working out in ripped skinny jeans. How inspiring.

Platten’s lyrics really speak to me, but they’ve now taken on a whole new level of relevance as Beth changes them to feature her policies. “Like how a single word/Can make a heart open” has been changed to “Like how a sporting app/Can promote all sports clubs.”

The video has reached over 700 views and features Beth scootering around Derwent, chasing after geese and wearing monochrome on the JLD.

But don’t listen to me. Watch the video and make your mind up for yourself.