YSJ freshers throw pool party in their halls

‘Screw Kuda Mondays, we had a pool in my room’

You need to do something to deal with the February blues, and these freshers had the right idea by throwing a paddling pool party in their YSJ halls.

The freshers filled a £34 Frozen themed paddling pool with bubble bath and hot water and invited people to join. They even made invites.

Obviously, a pool party isn’t complete without anti-slip ducks and toy dolphins. One organiser said: “Neither of us had swimming costumes so just got in with some shorts and a t-shirt on. To be honest, it’s cheaper than Circuit washing.”

After two and a half hours and countless buckets of water being emptied into every sink and toilet in the flat and the whole flat’s efforts, the ultimate pool party was over without flooding the accommodation, “It’s like grand designs but without it going tits up half way through the winter.”

In their defence, there isn’t anything in the tenancy agreement about not having pool parties, and in their own words: “At least it’s not drugs.”

They are already planning the next party but want to upgrade with a slide; those textbooks will definitely not be bought anytime soon.

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