Constantine freshers stuck in lift for two hours

One of the students called it “A complete piss take.”

Picture the following scenario; its a Saturday evening at 11:30, you have had a lovely drinking session with your flatmates, you decide to take the lift up to your flat instead of taking the stairs… and end up getting stuck inside for two hours.

On the 8th October, this scenario became a frightening reality for four freshers from B block at Constantine College.

After speaking to one of the survivors, I gained an exclusive insight into the events that unfolded.

It all began when the freshers realised something was wrong when the lift stopped moving in-between floors. After calling security who wedged the doors open on the second floor, they were informed that they did not possess the authority to help them get out, despite the lift being only three feet away from the second floor entrance. Instead, they would have to wait for an engineer.

In the meantime, the security closed the lift doors and the wait for an engineer to arrive from Leeds began.

Some time later at around 1:30am, the engineer arrived. Those stuck were imagining their rescuer to be a mythical god like figure who would lift them out of their misery into the comfort of the second floor. However, what they were greeted with was an engineer who uttered the words – “Can you just climb out?”

One of the survivors anonymously added that the whole incident was “A complete piss take. Two hours wasted.”

The Tab can confirm that the four survivors from the lift made it safely back to their rooms afterward and are doing well in their recovery from the ordeal.

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