Students floored by lack of seating in lecture hall

Is this what we pay £9k a year for?

Students were left flabbergasted this morning after a serious lack of chairs left them sitting on the floor for the entirety of their lecture.

This early-morning fiasco took place in Chemistry A Block and despite the lecturer assuring the Computer Science students that chairs were arriving “in a few minutes”, they never did so.

Hero lecturer Dr Atsushi Higuchi decided to continue on anyway, with students sitting on a mixture of tables and the floor. Madness.

However, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that it appears at least one lucky student managed to grab himself a chair.

Third-year Halifax student Charles Pigott, who was in the lecture, said: “I didn’t mind it too much really, other than having to write notes on my knee.

“If anything, it was clearer than the echoey biology lecture room we were in on Tuesday.”

Fortunately the University were on the case, helpfully tweeting that chairs were on their way – one hour after the lecture had finished.

Dr Atsushi Higuchi told The Tab: “We apologise to the students for any inconvenience and hope they did not suffer too much.”