Kuda has been voted the 14th worst club in the UK

Its made of dreams and VKs

Fresh from scraping the top 20 in the University league tables, York has once again fallen foul of the ratings, with its three floored club, Kuda, being voted as the 14th worst club in the country.

In a recent poll by the Tab, clubs across the country were rated by their punters. Aberdeen had 2 clubs in the top 5 and Fifth in Manchester was crowned the worst club in the UK. Our closest rival geographically, Space in Leeds, came fifth.

Prolific boogier Grace Whitfield told The Tab: “NO KUDA IS LOVE KUDA IS LIFE. It’s made of dreams and VKs”.

Outstanding farmer tan

Despite the ratings, any club with a resident campervan will be held high in the hearts and minds of its punters.

As an avid clubber myself, I can say that, if fairly polled, Kuda would top the charts.