Halifax college not having a bar is ruining my uni experience

Derwent has two bars. Derwent

Every other college in York has a bar, but the situation in Halifax is bleak. The NISA in ‘Fax closes at 7pm, and serves only highly questionable booze, like Country Man box wine. In a world of endless possibilities, where man has set foot on the moon and explored the deepest oceans, why is it that the college so loved by its residents has only JJs common room to act as its capital?

This year’s upcoming YUSU elections will see candidates discussing the most important issues of student welfare. What is certain, in my eyes, is that nobody can truly enjoy walking down Halifax’s own swamp alley just to emerge, moist and cold, into D Bar at 8pm.

The lengths we’re forced to go to for alcohol

Poverty is nothing to laugh at, friends – and students without a bar to go to are students in poverty.

JJ’s would be the ideal location: it’s spacious, warm and in a central location. Filling it with alcohol would warm the heart of so many poor, isolated Fax’ students on their way home this winter. From Hickleton to St Lawrence Court, I can guarantee fireworks the day a bar is installed.

Frankly, the entire situation seems ridiculous. My dad went to York in 1973 and to this day claims he was always able to access a pub at a moment’s notice (his dive of choice was apparently the Wellington in Fulford).

Why is it then that the university has gone backwards on this utterly essential requirement in its duty of care for students – namely, allowing the opportunity for students to drink in a social setting that isn’t as dirty as their kitchen?

Halifax is a bit mucky and the less said about the accommodation the better, but we surely deserve more than this.

So please, the next time you find yourself in a campus bar, spare a moment to think of those less fortunate than yourselves. For just £2 a day, you could help a Halifax student get the bus into town to drink there. Except that the bus stop is even further away – but that’s a complaint for another article.