Five minutes with YUSU pres candidate: George Balmford

This guy thinks he’s a pretty big deal


So far this week you’ve probably been bombarded with signs, slogans and shitheads all telling you about the YUSU’s most “exciting weeks of the year” or the elections as they more commonly known.

We spotted one of the presidential candidates, George Balmford, in the library looking lonely and with no one to talk to and so took pity on him – in the form of asking him inane questions.

He always looks like this.

Course and year

“I’m in third year and I study Maths and Economics”


“I come from Shenfield, which is a village in Essex”

If you were to sum up your manifesto in three points, what would they be?

“Firstly, campus is easier and cheaper for students. Secondly I want more representation for postgrads and international students and lastly would be the intergregation and development of Hes East.”

How many times have you mentioned the presidency to get with girls?

“I’m trying tonight for the first time!”

What’s the most embarrassing thing that you’ve tried to tried to hide through your campaign trail that you think might come out?

“I’m not sure. I have a few less than desirable Facebook photos that I’d rather not be surfaced! But no one’s been digging yet so…”

(Well, we did)

On the campaign trail 24/7

Describe your ideal Sunday morning

“I’m going to go with food first, I’ve recently become obsessed with bacon and guacamole sandwiches so I’d have to start with one of them. Then probably go outside for a kick-about with a few mates, I hate being stuck indoors.”

What did you do on Valentine’s day?

“Nothing of the romantic nature I’m afraid.”

(Ladies, the door is still open to bag yourself a president.)

What, in your view, are the ideal assets of a York first lady?

(After a few seconds of girlish giggling, the candidate was able to pull himself together.)

“Firstly someone who can cook a mean bacon and guacamole sandwich for me in the mornings. Probably also not a morning person. I don’t mornings.”

If you fail to get the presidency, what are your plans for next year?

“I don’t know really. Go home and try get myself and get myself a job I guess… I’ve been looking into commodity training and things like that so far. ”

Why do you think your campaign is the only one with pictures of your head stuck up around campus?

“I did it because I knew other people wouldn’t. I suppose it was a way of differentiating me via the signs so that people can put a face to the name. It’s also a massive ego boost as well!”

If you could envisage yourself as a member of the current cabinet, who would it be?

“I just wouldn’t want to be any of them.”

(Watch out YUSU, we’ve got a dangerous anarchist here…)

Lastly, Phats or Fibbers on a Friday night?

“Fibbers. Only because I rinsed Phats so much in my first and second years.”

The candidate then proceeded to eat a Jamaican chicken flavoured sandwiched.