These poor souls have the worst neighbours in York

‘When we first moved in we felt sorry for him being all on his own but now he won’t leave us alone’

Hearing your housemates fucking is one thing. But having mardy arse retired neighbours knocking on your door in the middle of the night is far worse.

Second-year Emily Saunders is just one of the many victims of neighbour-induced sleep deprivation. She can expect to be woken up as early as 5am, by the reggae vocals of the man living next-door.

my eeaaarrs

The English Lit student said: “It can go on for half an hour sometimes, and I can never get back to sleep after!

Whyy me?!

“I’ve thought about saying something to him before, but I’m scared I might insult him. He’s such a nice guy.”

Another local York resident said their student neighbours had “raucous” house parties: “We had to build a wall in the back garden and split our house from next door to try and reduce noise.”

You’re living next door to students. What do you expect?

Pre drinks gone wild

But what happens when you can’t hide away from your neighbours? When they actually invade your doorstep with their weird quirks?

Gareth Michaels lived next door to a local who insisted on popping over. The History third year said: “We live next door to an old man who is so mental.

“He has called the police on us multiple times, but he is also a massive pothead.

“He can’t roll because he had a stroke and his hands are fucked so he is always smashing on the door for me to go and roll for him.”

What retirement looks like

His is a lesson in the dangers of being a little too welcoming to your new neighbours. He added: “When we first moved in we felt sorry for him being all on his own, but now he won’t leave us alone.”

I’m not leaving til I get my joint.

Now Gareth can’t even hide from the harassment in his own bedroom. He said: “Once I just ignored the door, then he started knocking on my window.

“Then he opened the front door and started knocking on my bedroom door and came in without me saying to.

“I was just like what the actual fuck are you doing.”

Where’s an invisibility cloak when you need one?

At least the lonely local got the house a nice Christmas present for their troubles. That makes up for the 5am wake up calls surely?