Love Island’s Brett has been spotted in Leamington Spa

Does this make Leam cool? Probably not


On what appeared to be a dull Sunday afternoon (and Mother’s Day lol), our humble uni town of Leamington Spa was graced by the presence of a well-known Love Islander.

Okay, well-known is a bit of a push, but Brett Staniland from 2021’s series of Love Island decided to take a trip to Leam.

Brett was spotted by an eager-eyed student near the top of the high street, walking past the EE shop with his twin brother Scott and a female- perhaps their mother? He was also spotted by another student in Jephson Gardens later in the afternoon.

Is this ground breaking news? Probably not. Does this mean Leamington Spa is the new city for Love Islanders to visit, and that we’ll be seeing a load of them doing jaegers in Smack and taking aesthetic coffee shop pics in Procaffeinate? Again, probably not 🙁

However, the Derbyshire-born Islander has been spotted in Leam many times, according to Warwick Tab readers. One student claims they’ve seen him in Coffee#1  a few times, and another alleges they’ve matched with his twin Scott on Tinder before. Juicy stuff.

Who even is he?

Okay, for all those who lived under a rock last summer (or those who watched Love Island religiously all summer but completely forgot about Brett’s existence until recently), Brett entered the villa on Day 44 and chose to take Priya out on a date- remember her? The medical student who liked smelly cheeses and ultra marathons?

Sadly he was only in the villa for six days, exiting on Day 50 with Priya. Short-lived, and sadly, barely remembered by most. Until this article, that is.

Featured image credit: ITV

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