‘They came to their senses’: Warwick cancels Business exam following boycott plan

‘I’m relieved to not have to choose between my health and academics’

Just hours after over 200 Warwick Business students responded to a Facebook event urging the University to reschedule upcoming exams set for the last two days of term, the Warwick business school has announced the second year exam to be held tomorrow has now been cancelled.

Students taking the module IB236: Finance 2 Corporate Finance were notified by via my.Wbs that their exam, due to take place tomorrow evening, had been cancelled after a “discussion with the university.”

The notification added that the exam was cancelled “on the grounds of concerns about security.”

The notification students in the module received

“I’ve been anxious about COVID-19 since it was an outbreak so I’m relieved to not have to choose between my health and academics,” one of the students behind the Facebook event told The Warwick Tab.

Another added: “The power of raising awareness on social media was an experience in itself,

“I’m happy that the 400+ people at Warwick are now much more aware that this is something to be taken seriously.

“Myself, I have been very anxious about this so I am naturally relieved not to have to chose between academics and my health and so are the co-founders in the page.”

The Facebook event also links to a petition to the Government asking them to close all universities “for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID-19.” So far, the petition has nearly 95,000 signatures.

The petition is now awaiting a response from the UK Government

The University has been approached for comment.