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Warwick freshers start Westwood post room delivery service

They even have their own loyalty cards

A group of first year Warwick students have started their own Westwood post room delivery service.

Ashen De Silva, Max Whittome and Vignesh Sridhar, who study Management, Economics and Mathematics, developed the project as part of the Warwick Entrepreneurs Society's 'The Apprentice' competition.

The competition runs for five days and consists of a four challenge programme, where "each day, teams get shortlisted to the next round. The prize for winning is £1,000."

The third challenge was to start a service business using a pack of playing cards given to the group as their first asset.

Ashe told The Warwick Tab: "We realised so many students find it too tiresome to travel to the post room. So we realised our idea would be to be a courier for that!"

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Taken from the Campus Courier Instagram

"After some pricing thought, we figured £2 was a reasonable price. Since starting it last night, through word of mouth and Instagram, we've managed to generate four sales. We're incorporating the pack of playing cards as loyalty cards.

"We are thinking of continuing this after the competition is over but it is still very much in discussion.

"We just realised that as students are incredibly busy and we're doing a number of tasks as part of our degrees and societies, we barely have the time to do little tasks, such as grocery shopping, collecting parcels, cooking.

"We clocked onto this gap and decided to provide a service, whether it be a courier service or maybe room cleaning one day. Students want these options and they want them affordable."

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Taken from the Campus Courier Instagram

On Instagram, the 'campus _courier' advertises themselves as "Warwick's only post room delivery service", stating they will "deliver your post room parcels to you!" for a two pound fee.