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Warwick falls one place in newly released University league tables

They were ranked 9th this year

In newly released Guardian League Tables, Warwick University has been ranked 9th. It has fallen one place since last years tables.

This marks a continued decline for Warwick in a series of League Tables.

This year saw Warwick University lose its 'top ten' status in the Complete University Guide. In 2018, Warwick University was ranked 6th, and this then fell to 12th place this year.

According to The Guardian's analysis, Warwick University has fallen one place. In 2019, the organization positioned Warwick in 8th place, however, for their 2020 evaluation the University has been reallocated to the 9th ranking.

This fall in ranking can be explained by a two point drop in student satisfaction, and a one point drop with satisfaction of teaching.

Warwick wasn't the only University who experienced a drop in the league tables. Top-tier Universities such as Oxford, Durham, Bath and Exeter also saw a reduction in their rankings.

It seems that Warwick's decline may be explained by just a small bump in the road, rather than a complete trend. However, students are beginning to question why their has been such a sharp general decline in the last year.