Which High School Musical character is your Warwick halls?

These are the answers we’ve all been looking for

We all wish we could've been a part of High School Musical when we were younger. I mean, who wouldn’t have wanted to play alongside Troy Bolton in the notorious Wildcats, or lead the latest live show with Sharpay and Ryan Evans? Well, as we all know, our normal secondary school experiences never turned out that way.

But despite this harsh reality, we wanted everyone to realise that actually, we're all living in our own HSM here at Warwick without even knowing it. So, here are the HSM characters which best fit your halls.

Rootes – Troy and Chad

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The epitome of cool

Rootes’ reputation precedes it. Like Troy and Chad were at East High, Rootes is the centre of everything at Warwick. It’s where all the cool kids go out to party and houses the students who everybody wants to be friends with. Not everyone manages it, but when you do, you become indoctrinated into the Rootes lifestyle, a bond that only exists between fellow Rootes residents, one that can never be broken.

Bluebell – Sharpay Evans

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Everything MUST be fabulous

Bluebell is easily the most glamorous and self-obsessed accommodation on campus. For them, everything has to be fabulous. Often the victim of other people’s taunting, Bluebell can be treated as a bit of a laughing stock, especially by their noisy neighbours Rootes, because of how expensive their rent is. But Bluebell doesn’t care – they still rock up to lectures looking like they’re ready for an international fashion show, just like Sharpay.

Heronbank – Jason

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Remember Jason? Yeah neither do I. The same goes for Heronbank. I hadn’t even heard of Heronbank until three weeks after Freshers'.

Tocil – Martha Cox

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It's just the status quo, Tocil

A little bit irrelevant but nice all the same. No one ever has a bad word to say about Tocil. Then again, no one ever really has anything to say about Tocil at all.

Arthur Vick – Gabriella Montez

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The REAL villain in HSM

We all know how posh and conceited those from Arthur Vick are. Yet for some reason, they attempt to hide it by gravitating towards the cooler central campus accommodations. Just like Gabriella could never be Sharpay, Arthur Vick will never be Bluebell. Just go your own way, Arthur Vick.

Jack Martin – Ryan Evans

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Unlike Arthur Vick, Jack Martin acknowledges its poshness, making it a part of their identity. It's not the centre point of who they are, and it doesn’t define who they mix with and what they do in their spare time. Everyone loves Ryan, and everyone loves JM.

Lakeside – Mrs. Darbus

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Lakeside is very glamorous, but fails to stand out like Bluebell does. Maybe it did once upon a time, but now it’s full of postgrads who have moved on from the days of dancing the nights away, preferring to take more of a backseat.

Redfern – Rocketman

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Remember in the final film when the so-called ‘Rocketman’ scored the winning basket against their biggest rivals, West Side High, making Rocket Man and his friends think they were the next big thing? Yeah, this is Redfern. Every time you meet someone from there, they somehow expect you to know that they exist. Well no one does, Redfern, you are not Rootes and you never will be.

Sherbourne – Kelsi Nielsen

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Sherbourne is the music in me

Often forgotten about, those from Sherbourne are quietly confident in themselves, making it a genuinely great place to be on campus. Everyone there seems to know what they’re doing, yet don't throw it in your face every time you open your mouth.

Whitefields – Mrs. Montez

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Someone had to fill the role

Whitefields stands out like a sore thumb, is kind of irrelevant and there just for the sake of it. No one really gives a second thought about Whitefields. And why should we? They contribute nothing. Just like Gabriella's mum in HSM.

Cryfield – Coach Bolton

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A solid and weirdly charming figure. It may not be the focal point on campus, but it will always be there for you, especially when you need a good pre-drinks to go to.

Claycroft – Taylor

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As Taylor frequently did, Claycroft have plenty to boast about – imagine being right next to Tesco, Subway AND Greggs?! They never again have to worry about the extortionate price and horrendous taste that comes with everything ever sold at the Rootes Grocery Store.

Westwood – Zeke

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Westwood will always be considered a bit of a joke, no matter how hard they try to convince everyone that living the furthest away from campus right by the Post Room truly is a good thing.