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We asked Warwick students what they thought of the Brexit deal, and they’re not happy

Can we just stop talking about Brexit please?

It's official. We have a Brexit deal. And let's be honest, it's utter shite (but that's a story for another time….). The deal pleases neither Brexiteers or Remainers. Theresa May really has got herself into a pickle with this one.

We asked Warwick students what they thought of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal, and it's fair to say that they're not very happy with it.

Akshay, Second Year, PPE

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Akshay isn't impressed with Mrs May.

Molly, First Year, English Lit and History

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Molly really doesn't like Boris Johnson.

Sam, Second Year, PPE

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Sensing some sarcasm in Sam's response here…

Issy, Third Year, History of Art

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Issy gets straight to the point.

Paul, Second Year, Economics

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Paul's word says one thing, and his face another.

Max, Second Year, International Management

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Fair enough, I get that.

Shreyas, First Year, PPE

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Surely now we have a deal we'll stop talking about Brexit now. Right?

Sam, First Year, Politics and International Studies

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Calamity strikes.

James, First Year, PPE

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Come off the fence, mate.