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Meet the final year Warwick student who told Nigel Farage he was talking ‘rubbish’

She referred to Brexit as his ‘unfortunate project’

Meet Myfanwy Carville, the final year PAIS and Global Sustainable Development who told Nigel Farage he was talking "rubbish".

Carville appeared on Channel 4's "Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks". The show was based on a survey featuring 20,000 people on their current thoughts on Brexit. The outcome of the survey, the biggest of its kind since the referendum, was in favour of remain.

The current President of Warwick Irish Society took the opportunity to give Farage a piece of her mind. Farage, who Carville describes as "a toxic, divisive character," appeared speechless in the clip which now has over 43,000 views.

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Speaking to The Warwick Tab, Myfanwy Carville criticised how Brexit had "distracted from the issues, which cause a lot of people to vote leave in the first place." She is referring to hot topics such as "the overcrowding of schools, the under-funding of the NHS, the under-funding of the police service."

Carville who lives "20 minutes away from the Northern Irish border," voiced her concerns for the area, pointing to the fact that "Northern Ireland don't have a government" before arguing that "as a Northern Irish citizen, I currently have absolutely no voice in these negotiations."

Carville's statement on Monday's programme have received s great deal of response including a comment celebrating Carville for being "wonderful," and "eloquent" as well some criticising her "one sided rant," in favour of the "old boys Brussels club."