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Warwick Uni saved over £400k as a result of this year’s lecturer strikes

£420,421.63 to be exact

During the final four weeks of second term, members of Warwick UCU went on strike as a result of the changes that had been made to their pensions.

The university said they would "withhold a day’s pay for each day that a member of staff takes part in a day of action".

According to a Freedom of Information request, Warwick University saved over £400,000 as a result of the strikes.

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The university have also confirmed that 294 staff members took part in the strikes, and the total pay savings amount to exactly £420,421.63.

Regarding how the saved money will be spent, the university said:

"The sums relating to strike action are held by individual departments. Departments affected have been asked to reinvest this in student facing activities – payments to staff for additional teaching delivered in the summer term being one example. Any balance remaining at the end of this term will be retained by the University for investment in students."

Emily Ferguson, a third year Warwick historian, told The Tab: "That’s really helpful for students graduating this year – glad I’m going to see the money! I hope they invest it in mental health services."