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Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 nominee: Timi

He’s in ‘mad’ shape


This year we are once again in search of Warwick’s most eligible bachelors. After scouring through hundreds of responses, we’ve found the best of the best.

Meet Timi, a second year Biomedical Sciences student. Timi’s nominators said they couldn’t believe he was still single because he’s “clever and cute.”

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One of his nominators told the Tab: “He’s a great guy who deserves a great girl,” and said he was an avid gym-lover who’s in “mad shape.”

When we told Timi that he’d been nominated for Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor he was surprised, but told us exactly the kind of girl he was after.

“A gym partner is needed,” he said, “for healthy competition.”

The vote for Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 will open later this month.