Marxist, Chairman Rose, has been voted into Warwick SU’s exec

He calls for ‘the destruction of WBS’

The provisional results from this Autumn's elections are out – and Chairman Rose has been elected as Education Exec Member of the Students' Union.

When he ran for the position of NUS National Conference Delegates earlier this year, he pledged to "rebuild campus in the style of the humanities building", "turn the Bread Oven into the Bread Line" and even called for the "destruction of Warwick Business School."

Chairman Rose told The Tab that he doesn't think the student council, "in all its bloated bureaucratic glory" has any mandate to represent students. He said that "when a student must share their position with a gulag building communist dictator, it shows how little their election really means."

He went on to say that his plans as an Education Exec Member, was to ensure that the SU "preserves the freedom of students and intervenes as little as possible in their lives.

People are free to engage in political activism on their own accord, but when the entry barriers to being elected is simply running you don’t have a mandate to use student’s money for demonstrations."

Chairman Rose cited his biggest inspiration as John McDonnell, the British Labour politician. Rose said this was because "after 100 years of needless death, misery and failure, he still has the motivation and tenacity to advocate socialism."

Votes for the Autumn elections will be ratified and confirmed on Friday of Week 4. Perhaps if Chairman Rose is confirmed into the SU, we'll all be calling each other 'comrades' and signing off our emails with 'Yours Socialistly.'