An adult ball pit with Prosecco on tap is coming to Coventry and Leam

I repeat, Prosecco on tap

An adult ball pit event with Prosecco, called 'Prosecco and Balls' is scheduled to hit the university towns of Leamington and Coventry in February and March 2018.

Featuring over a quarter of a million coloured balls, inflatables and Prosecco on tap. This upcoming soiree will be taking place at Empire in Coventry, on the 24th February. 75% of tickets for this hotly anticipated event have already sold out.

Leamington Spa will also have it's fair share of 'Prosecco and Balls', scheduled for March 31st, with details to be confirmed shortly.

Daniel LaBraca, a first year maths student commented that, "as an Italian, nothing has made me more excited than the thought of some of my culture gracing the humble town of Leamington Spa."

A third year law student, who wishes to remain anonymous, celebrated the fact that "at last we'll have some decent balls in Leam."

All details for the event can be found on their Facebook page.