Warwick BNOC 2017 Nomination: Arman Uddin

He’s the TEDxWarwick director, does PPE and even has a six pack

The latest nomination for the highly coveted award of Warwick’s Biggest Name On Campus 2017 is first year PPE student, Arman Uddin.

Arman is the director of TEDxWarwick and the Head of Careers for PPE soc. His friends describe him as an “all around sick guy” who is “always in the gym or Smack”. Not only did Arman have a Spring week at UBS, the financial services company, he has a six pack too and always manages to go out at least twice a week.

But Arman is more than just six packs and Spring weeks, he is described as “always welcoming, always kind to everyone”, “blessed to the bone” and “a top guy with the most amazing heart.”

Arman is also said to know literally everyone, and apparently can’t walk more than 10m in the library without knowing someone.

Apparently there are too many funny stories about Arman to mention, but they do include the time that a cleaner told him to “get the smell of curry out of his room”, and the time he told his English flatmate he was going to Jummah, afternoon prayer, and his flatmate thought he meant the gym.

Upon being informed of his nomination Arman said he was “quite surprised” because he’s “a pretty low key guy”.

Further nominees will be released soon.