Warwick SU vote to get a new Trans-Officer

They are set to be elected in next year’s Autumn election

Yesterday Warwick’s student council voted in favour of creating a new part-time role of a Trans-Officer.

The vote was passed with 12 votes to 1. They are set to be elected in next year’s election.

The Co-President of Warwick Pride, Sara Boiten submitted the motion to the student council. She claims to have the support of other societies, including Warwick Anti-Sexism Society. Boiten said that she is “so proud to be part of such a huge step in ensuring trans students’ rights are protected for years to come.”

Warwick’s new position follows precedent set by the NUS’s example, who recently created a full time Trans-Officer role.

Warwick is amongst other universities who have created similar roles. This includes Manchester University and Edge Hill. The new role is certainly a step in the right direction, especially after one of Warwick’s University Challenge team mates has received online abuse over her gender.