This unbelievable car crash happened in Leam yesterday

The accident took place on Regent’s Place


Yesterday afternoon, around 4:14pm, a car crash occurred in Regent’s Place, Leamington Spa, which involved a silver Volkswagen ascending nearby parked cars. The driver is believed to be a man in his 60s.

Witnesses from the scene suspect that the driver of the silver Volkswagen was fumbling around in his foot well prior to the incident, resulting in him accidentally flooring the vehicle. This momentum left him dangling from a nearby parked car.

Image taken by Freddie Larkins

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured from the crash. The driver was treated for minor injuries to his lower leg by West Midlands Ambulance Service who attended the scene. A woman also received minor injuries. Neither patient was taken to hospital.

One passer-by was surprised that the vehicle was able to ascend a car like that. Eddie Fitzpatrick, who works in Regent Place, similarly remarked that he was “amazed that something like that could happen.”