Warwick’s satire magazine The Hoar is closing

They’ve finally revealed who they are

Warwick’s satire magazine, The Hoar, is closing. The magazine’s founders just made their first ever public statement, declaring that they were closing the site “to focus on their drinking.”

They explained their decision to cease publication after exactly a year, stating that “concerning Warwick, there’s not much more to be said. One year was ample time to cover the lot”.

The Hoar made a name for itself by flooding campus social media with lukewarm satirical articles on subjects like lavatories, career culture, deadlines, student politics, Donald Trump and The Warwick Tab.

The Tab interviewed the Hoar’s anonymous co-editors in February last year. Then, they were known by the pseudonymous label, Theodora Hoar; we now know them to be two white, middle-class Warwick students, Will Kerry and Will Spurr.

The pair told the Tab, “The Hoar wasn’t created, The Hoar was born, quite forcefully, on the unwashed floors of the Robin’s Well basement. The lovechild of two drunks, it had a poor prospect of survival.”

In its twelve month duration, the site amused Warwick students with hits such as ‘I wrote my entire dissertation in three and a half minutes’, ‘Eleventeen things you’ll only get if you are a student at Warwick Univesity’, and the timely ‘Trump temporarily bans Warwick students from US.’

Spurr and Kerry declined to comment, but closed their official statement with a warning that The Hoar has ‘one more surprise concealed up a sleeve’.