The Tab Warwick is looking for new writers

Put your voice out there

Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life? Have you ever read our articles and completely disagreed with them? Do you want to put your opinions out there?

These are all perfect reasons to join The Tab team at Warwick, because that’s exactly how we all started.

We’re one of the fastest growing teams in the world

The Tab Warwick are looking for talented new writers to join our growing team. Out of 52 teams in the UK, and 130 in the world, Warwick are constantly one of the best performing, getting over on average 200,000 views every month on our page alone and it’s a figure that continues to grow.

We’re always breaking news on campus, ones that have been picked up by national publications, as well as writing feature pieces that students care about. If you join our team, you will also have the chance to write for The Tab’s global page and Babe, which is the fastest growing women’s site on the internet.

You can get invaluable work experience and contacts

Tab writers have the opportunity to regularly intern at the HQ office, as well as being part of the Tab Academy, which is responsible for getting work experiences and internships at different media companies and news agencies such as the SWNS, The Sun and The Sunday Times. The academy helps build your skills and gain opportunities that will be invaluable when you graduate. Tab alumni have gone on to work in large media names such as The Telegraph, The Times, Vice, Buzzfeed, and Vogue.

It’s fun

As well as being a team, we’re also great friends. At The Tab Warwick, all of our weekly meetings take place in social spaces and we all go out together regularly. We’re super relaxed and can help you take everything at whatever pace you want.

“I thought The Tab guys at Warwick were really lame, but they’re actually all so funny” – Lydia Ricca, Writer

“It gives me a chance to put my voice out there” – Charlotte Spear, Writer

“I wasn’t good at sports” – Ed Day, Features Editor

“Compared to other societies on campus, it’s completely hassle free” – Varsha Patel, News Editor

“The socials are lit” – Dhillon, Writer

“It’s probably the best thing that’s happened to me at university” – Diyora Shadijanova, Editor-in-chief

The Tab is only going to get bigger and better

The Tab is a global news network comprised of professional and student journalists, reaching an audience of 8 million readers every month. We have teams at all major university cities in the UK, with a main HQ in London, 77 teams all over the US, including all the Ivy League Universities with a HQ in New York, and we also have one team in Canada.

It’s such a great and rewarding thing to get involved with. Last year we had over a million views on the Tab Warwick articles alone. That’s pretty impressive for student journalism! You don’t have to have any writing experience and you get all the guidance you need from our team. If you want to be part of something larger, drop us a message on the The Tab Warwick Facebook page or click here to pitch an idea.

Don’t forget to give us a like on our Facebook page and follow our Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest on campus.