You told us what you thought of the new Oculus building

‘The green feels natural, like I could run around naked’

Warwick students were greeted on Monday morning by the architectural wonder that is the new Oculus building and we were there right at the start, to ask them what they thought of it.

Eloka, Second Year, PPE


“I like the green it feels natural like I could run around naked. I’m just scared people are going to ruin it like the Garden of Eden.”

Phillippe, Leyla, Sebastienm, Second Year, Management


“It’s pretty badass and relatively cozy. They could’ve had better chairs though.”

Zoe, Second year, PPE


“It is very spacious, and I like that it’s open and bright.”

Lucas, Second Year, PPE


“In 50 years of the history of doors at Warwick being useless, they haven’t fixed the bloody problem. It’s a bit like the econ department met WBS.”

Luke, Second Year, PPE


“This sofa is magnificent I’ve already fallen asleep on it today. it’s big it’s open and it’s also too hot. I haven’t found any learning grid which is annoying. I like the fact that it’s just for us students and not any business reasons.”

Ivan, Accounting and Finance, Third Year and Jamie, Maths, Second Year


Jamie: “It’s very art gallery-esque, really wavey name. I’m surprised its not another WMG building.”

Ivan: “I like the openness, but I wonder if there will be any green space left for them to build on.”

Leah, Second Year, International Management


“I like the seating but my German efficiency has a problem with the door situation. I’m happy now that the business student don’t have to go to L3 all the time, it does feel like a clone of the business school though.”