We asked you to define a ‘Warwick Lad’

Apparently they can’t handle their drink

Lad culture is something that has come under criticism, pretty much since it’s inception. However, it seems like many an outdated tradition, it just won’t die, despite how much many may want it to.

Across every corner of the country, people recognise their local, squad, pussay patrol, Lad pack, or just ‘the boiz’ and the typical characteristics that come drunkenly and raucously with them. However do people have different definitions of what a Warwick Lad is? We decided to ask you and find out:

Anna, 1st Year, Drama


“Compared to the lads at home Warwick boys tend to be less good with girls, not what I’d call ‘stereotypical’ lads, they don’t drink half as much, and they tend to be a bit weirder… no offence. Guys here tend to be less smooth, especially in clubs. It’s definitely not uncommon for them to come up to you and try it on by grabbing your ass, and usually leave embarrassed after being punched by my boyfriend.”

Liam, 1st Year, Computer Science


“Most of the boys back home have girlfriends who’ve they’ve been with for years. Boys up here are much more desperate and seem to fail miserably when it comes to vaginas. A Warwick lad must have at least been fined by their accommodation, punched at least one other student, been kicked out of a club and chundered before making it to a club. That seems to be the trend.”

Ben, 1st Year, Engineering


“Warwick lads tend to be louder. Lads back home chat a lot of shit but don’t actually do anything, here they just don’t do anything. Back at home lads tend to stick together with their group of friends, but here they just go out on their own when they’re in the club. Warwick Lads tend to be kind of dickish to girls, but really friendly with the other lads”

Kat, 1st Year, English and Philosophy


“A Warwick lad is someone who tries really hard to be a lad, but secretly is actually really nice and respectful. They’re not real, even the Rugby lads are really nice boys, they try but they fail. Compared to my old school friends they’re a bit more, chill when it comes to talking to girls. Though in POP they tend to be a bit more… handsy. Maybe that’s because I think most lads tend to be single guys, there’s a distinction between a lad and a dick, and sometimes lads try to be dicks but just fail miserably.”

Temi, 1st Year, Law


“Warwick lads seem to all do sports, and if they don’t, they pretend to. Guys back home were all about gains and seemed to spend their lives hanging around Oceana Watford, I guess that’s the Warwick equivalent of POP. Warwick guys also seem to be more like individual LADS, back home they travel in groups to and from clubs, here they arrive together but they leave separately. That being said, Warwick lads normally also have better banter and some of them can actually dance. Let’s be honest though, the only real Warwick lad is a Rootes lad.”

Gaz and Laurie, 1st Years, Physics and History


“Lads at Warwick tend to be more normal than Lads back at home. I mean in Birmingham sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a Lad and a hipster, because they all have top-knots and they all chase orange girls. Guys here also tend to be smarter, compared to the guys who claim a BTEC in sport is just as good as four A-levels, and that you’d be better off getting a job than going to Uni. Generally though, Warwick Lads aren’t that predatory but they those who are are far worse than your average Northern Lad.”

The Lacrosse Girls, 1st and 2nd years


“The Rugby lads here like to think they’re the definitive Warwick lad but honestly I think that the other sports teams have more of what I would think of as a lad. Guys here also tend to be more persistent than what I would think of as lads at home but they’re also less rowdy, they don’t tend to drink as much, almost like a nerdier version of lads. They try hard, but they’re not what I’d think of when defining a typical lad. At home lads tend to be dicks who call themselves lads to seem cool, Warwick lads don’t do that and most of them are actually quite nice.”

So there you have it, It’s hard to define a Warwick lad, they seem simultaneously quiet but loud, predatory but nice and they definitely can’t drink.