Good times roll as Warwick climbs in uni rankings yet again

Four out of five of you bloody love it

We’re on the up again as Warwick climbs nine places in student satisfaction ratings. 

A whopping four in five of you say you’re satisified with your uni experience.

According to The Times’ survey, Warwick is gaining increasing popularity with its students. It ranked 17th in the UK (nine places higher than last year), with an overall student satisfaction score of 79.4 per cent.

The Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2015 assessed quality of lectures, the quality of the SU and the quality of accommodation, among other factors.

But, the survey only took the opinions of 171 students, an incredibly small sample size.

The survey claims Warwick students are most satisfied with the community atmosphere, the availability and quality of extracurricular activities, the high quality facilities, and the quality of security. We do love our security team.

So satisfied.

So satisfied.

As usual, Warwick was beaten by Cambridge and Oxford in the rankings, who came 4th and 5th. Underdog Bath University went to gain the top ranking for student satisfaction.

But student satisfaction is a difficult thing to rank. Faith Thompson, who studies Sociology, summed this up.

She said: “I’m reasonably satisfied with Warwick. But, Warwick took my university virginity, and I’ve been pretty monogamous. I haven’t been with anyone else, so I wouldn’t know if I could be more satisfied somewhere else.”


For second year Politics student, Sophie Morbey, Warwick’s satisfaction ranking cannot be said to include all students.

She said: “Warwick only really benefits a certain ‘type’ of student, and all of its resources go into them. These are the students who are going into the finance and corporate sector. Those who want to buy into the corporate climate will always be satisfied with Warwick; those who want to get away from that won’t.”

Peter Dunn, spokesperson for the University, gave a mixed response. He said: “It is always good to rise up such tables. However, I would add a note of caution with this table that in many cases, including the Warwick result, the full table seems to suggest that the result has been generated from less than 200 people.”