Neo-Nazis invade Warwick

A shocking new video shows Nazi National Action extremists invading lecture theatres and uni buildings at Warwick and Coventry Universities


Neo-Nazi group National Action has released a shocking video of their far-right activists invading Warwick and Coventry unis, apparently in protest at their leader Alex Davies being forced to to leave Warwick last year. 

NA man Sieg Heils in a lecture hall, holding a Warwick student booklet

National Action is an openly Neo-Nazi group, notorious for its extreme views and aggressive tactics.

In June the Sunday Mirror revealed that one of the group’s leaders, Benjamin Raymond had written that Jews and foreigners “all need to be exterminated”.

In an ‘Action Report‘ the Neo-Nazis boasted that they had “free range of the entire campus” at Warwick University.

They also boasted that they could “gain access to the main Student Union building even though it is supposed to be a secure site” at Coventry Uni, despite attempts by “plainclothes police officers” to stop them.

The report claims that “foreign students were told where they could go.”

The Nazi thugs even boasted that they’re the “coolest bunch of neo nazis ever”.

NA members in Coventry Union’s cafe

The video shows National Action extremists entering university buildings and spreading their message of hate on Uni computers.

NA left messages on the Uni PCs

The fascist thugs even unfurled their banner in the Coventry University Students Union building.

A member unfurls the NA banner in Coventry Students Union. The logo is almost identical to that of Hitler’s SA, the forerunners of the SS

The National Action goons also filmed themselves giving Nazi salutes in a University building.

More Nazi salutes in Uni buildings

The video also features National Action activists bothering staff outside the popular Frango’s Restaurant in central Coventry, which they accuse of selling Halal meat, and filming a non-white staff member of the restaurant who steps outside to confront them.

A caption added to the video brands the staff member “fat fuck” and threatens “if you went to take a punch you would die of a heart attack before landing it”.

The action report further states “We were also able to procure some of the resturant’s [sic] vouchers which were torn-up in front of the management.”

NA thugs abuse a member of staff at Frango’s

The group threatened in the video “we will be coming back every year without fail”.

A staff member from Frango’s restaurant told us the manager would only be in next week and was unable to comment.

NA boss Benjamin Raymond with what appears to be a portrait of Hitler

Speaking to the Coventry Observer, Stand For Peace director Sam Westrop said in March 2014:

“The emergence of National Action, its undisguised racism and declared alignment with fascist movements in Greece and elsewhere, is an alarming development.

There have been very few instances of far-right activism on university campuses but that seems to be changing.

University authorities must keep an eye out for far-right movements and act without hesitation if they promote hatred or incite violence.

Campus extremism is already a serious problem for many, and the addition of far-right operatives to the mix possibly presents a violent and unpleasant future.”

Watch the whole video here: