Colin Cortbus

Sheffield third year runs bizarre Holocaust-denying website

He also says he’s infiltrated UKIP

Comment: Bahar Mustafa’s SU gets £600,000 public cash each year – but we don’t care

We probably would if we paid it, but we don’t

Occupy’s ‘Summer of Thuggery’ event renamed after complaints it was ‘racially loaded’

‘It’s not really funny when it’s making persons of colour anxious’

Union top brass racked up nearly £3,000 in expenses in just one year

It’s your money

Goldsmiths Union officer: I can’t be racist because I’m an ethnic minority woman

Bahar Mustafa banned white men from an anti-racism event last month

Now OUR Student Union backs ‘no whites allowed’ events

You pay their wages

SU anti-racism event bans white people from attending

The event says ‘if you are white, please don’t come’

Goldsmiths occupation finished after two week protest

‘The war is not over’

Occupy bosses issue grovelling apology for disruptive demo

Victory in Tab campaign

Calls for police to stop Occupy Goldsmiths after disability support meeting shut down

‘The whole thing is completely out of hand. They don’t represent us’

Uni bosses splash out £1000 a day on Occupy security after computer theft

It’s cost £30,000 so far in security and damages

Occupy campaigners seize Deptford Town Hall

‘It’s to reclaim the space and be heard’

Goldsmiths Students’ Union blasted over ‘homophobic’ cleric appearance

‘This has moved into the realm of parody’

‘Homophobic’ Islamic preacher to speak at Goldsmiths

They’ll ban a feminist comedian over cleric accused of homophobia

Feminist comedian brands SU ‘malicious’ liars

‘I have to defend myself against such cynical attacks and so of course I will continue to speak to the press’

SU assembly reject policy change to help Jewish and Israeli students feel welcome at Goldsmiths

They also refused to show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo

Goldsmiths SU holds social for ethnic minorities only

It was in the name of ‘inclusion’

Comedy show cancelled over student safety

Just because the comedienne backs sex work

SWP banned from Goldsmiths campus

But radicals cause upset burning SWP papers

Union passes motion to support sex workers

‘Sex work is like any other job’

SU bar makes 50 grand annual loss

We’re not drinking enough, clearly

Banned from campus: Court says ‘nein’ to neo-Nazi group

Get a real job

Neo-Nazis invade Warwick

A shocking new video shows Nazi National Action extremists invading lecture theatres and uni buildings at Warwick and Coventry Universities