Moo Bar speaks out

Moo Bar has hit back at a student petition that branded their wallpaper racist.

Moo Bar is refusing to listen to a student petition which branded its wallpaper “sexist, racist and violent.”

When Warwick Anti Sexism Society (WASS) gathered almost 3,000 signatures in a bid to make Moo Bar reconsider its decor, they expected an immediate refurb.

But their plea appears to have fallen on deaf ears, with a spokesman for the club describing the petition as “flawed and misleading.”

The offending wallpaper

Moo Bar – which hosts Nana’s Palace and Jackers’ Delight – was criticised for its wallpaper displaying:

• Sexist images of women

• Fake prostitution ads

• Slogans that glorify the slave trade

But the club has released a statement denying these accusations.

A particularly offensive section

“We felt [the wallpaper] would arouse debate about the nature of art, especially with the explosion of street art over the past two decades and the change in moral values concerning women and prostitution,” said a club spokesman.

“We can only say sorry if we’ve upset anyone, but the very nature of art through history has often been divisive and controversial.

“The kink cards were a small part of the overall scheme and not one comment has been made about the juxtaposed images of the near naked male models which form an integral part of the overall scheme.

“We think this silence speaks volumes.”

The controversial wallpaper

But Sophie Rees, President of WASS, isn’t satisfied with the response. “The choice of wallpaper has generated discussion, and the overwhelming response is one of disgust,” she told The Boar.

“The images of male models are in the women’s toilets and are huge… with the men looking directly down the camera lens. These images… are not comparable to those of women from behind bent over, or with their legs wide apart.

“WASS does not accept that this in any way challenges or generates constructive dialogue about the stereotyping of men and women.”