Social Sciences is gay cruising hotspot

A reputable gay cruising website has identified our Social Studies fac as a hotspot.

You might think there’s little more to be found in a university than lecture halls and libraries, but new evidence suggests otherwise.

Warwick’s Social Sciences building is officially a gay cruising hotspot, The Tab can reveal. – a reputable website dedicated to decoding the art of anonymous gay hookups – has identified the faculty’s toilets as the crème de la crème of gay cruising.

Head down to the toilets…

For the uninitiated, The Tab refers you to Urban Dictionary’s definition:

The website explains: “Unlike the Arts Centre, there are no diners sitting outside to see you going in and out. I don’t think there is CCTV either.

“This is place is not only discreet, but the two cubicles are perpendicular to the door and are blocked by the sink so if you are getting some understall action, you don’t have to panic when someone comes in ‘cos they can’t see you right away.”

You’ve been warned. Next time you catch a stranger’s eye in the fac, it could lead to more than you imagined…