Romantic dinner on a shoestring…

The Tab helps to ease your Valentine’s day woes.

Whether Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year for you or just another commercial imposition on your private life, few couples give up the opportunity to make a fuss of one another on that special February 14th.

However, when it comes to the question of how to mark the occasion, flowers, meals out and chocolates all rocket in price, and leave a student’s overdraft looking worse for wear.

The Tab have devised a romantic three course meal for less than £5, to make Valentine’s Day something to celebrate.


Making Tesco your first port of call, pick up a can of Tesco’s Cream of Mushroom soup for a mere 59p, to share as a starter dish.

Keep it cheap for the main and concoct ‘Pasta al Arrabiatta’, i.e.Tesco’s Value Pasta and pasta sauce with a baguette of garlic bread – coming in at £1.10. Pair it with a glass of Oakley’s Apple cider to compliment the flavours, at 99p for the bottle.

Followed with an old favourite, Angel Delight, you can dress up your dessert in wine glasses and make something special for only £1.03 (including the milk to make it).

Remember she’s your only angel…


For your finale? Get yourself to Spar and purchase a box of Cadbury’s ‘With Love’ chocolates for the bargain price of £1.

At a final overall cost of £4.71, it’s not exactly fine cuisine, but it is served with a side dish of love.