Leamington’s Luckiest Nightclub

The Tab investigates where Warwick students have the most luck pulling in Leamington Spa.

Leamington Spa has a tragic nightlife hosting less than a handful of clubs: Smack, Evolve, Altoria and Saints.

The Tab has investigated which club is most likely for you to get lucky, lucky meaning pull and not sex.

A highly-scientific survey of 75 people showed some interesting results.

Spot the pull

Evolve came out top at a staggering 40%, showing how all those hours spent in the smoking area do pay off. Well done Warwick, some of you do have chat.

More bar than club, Saints ranks second at 35% success rate. Being a ‘baller’ has its perks.

Altoria came in 3rd with 31%. The faux glamour of the club is an apparent turn on for Warwick’s wealthy contingent.

Smack, the scene of  not so many-a pull

Surprisingly Smack came in last at only 29%. The stench of sweat, humidity and copious amounts of red bull clearly blocks out any pheromones.

What does this mean for you? Well cue a sausage fest at Evolve events and the frigid brigade out in force at Smack. But apparently some of us do pull.

We were going to include pop but no one could remember anything…