STAR Sussex launch raffle with incredible line up for Care4Calais

They are campaigning and fundraising for more awareness on the issues surrounding the refugee crisis

Student Action for Refugees (STAR) Sussex are a group of students campaigning and fundraising for more awarness on the issues surrouding the refugee crisis around the world. All the money being raised throughout the raffle will be going to the Care4Calais’s Napier Barracks Emergency Fund.

STAR is a nationwide charity with its primary focus being on working to help asylum seekers settle in the UK.

The Sussex Tab spoke to Flo Potkins, a Sussex student and member of  STAR, Flo said: “Currently we have campaigns focusing to bring families seeking asylum together in the UK and promotions UK university fees as currently refugees have to pay international fees.”

During the coronavirus pandemic people seeking asylum have been housed in squalid, unsafe, inhumane and uninhabitable ex-military barracks in Kent and Wales.

Speaking about how the pandemic has worsened the crisis, Flo added: “Last week I heard a former detainee speak about his experience in Napier, a lot of its population have caught COVID due to the cramped living conditions but aren’t being offered adequate healthcare. This is a problem that is happening right now in the UK. By raising money for the emergency fund we are hoping to both raise awareness and also help to buy essential items for those being held in these barracks.” 

There are over 2o prizes are up for grabs many of which have been donated by local businesses to Brighton. The first batch of prizes was released on 15 March and included vouchers for some of Brighton’s most popular spots including Really Happy Chicken, the Roundhill, Cielo Bakery and loads more.

Via @starsussex on Instagram

“At Sussex University we have recently gained University of Sanctuary status which is an amazing achievement. We are looking for people to hand over the Sussex STAR committee to next year, so if you are interested keep an eye on our social media for announcements next month about how to apply,” Flo told The Sussex Tab.

Tickets went on live on the 8 March and will be avaliable until 4 April to purchase via their website. The next reveal of prizes will be released next monday (22 March). Tickets cost £2 and are avaliable to purchase via their website.