New Netflix series Behind Her Eyes filmed in and around Brighton

London Road, the seafront and Brighton station are some of the many locations featured

Behind Her Eyes has jumped the charts and currently sits as the top 10 most watched show on Netflix at the moment, after only having been released last week.

If you’ve watched season one then you’ve probably noticed some pretty familiar locations. According to The Argus, the final scene was filmed on London Road between Cuckfield and Balcombe.

Filming began in September 2019 and film crews were seen working by Cosiez Cafe in Upper St James’ Street in Brighton.

The show follows the life of a single mother named Louise who has an affair with her psychiatrist boss David, but then ends up befriending his wife, Adele.

It stars Game of Thrones actor Robert Aramayo, as well as actor Tom Bateman and actress Eve Hewson.

Netflix has also released behind-the-scene photos of filming also taking place by the seafront near the pier as well as Brighton station.

Eve Hewson, the actress that plays Adele, mentioned to Heart FM that she would love a second season in order to look deeper into her character’s time in Brighton. So it’s safe to say, if it does get renewed for a second season, we’ll be seeing more of Brighton on Netflix.