Here’s proof that anything in Brighton could be an album cover

The bathroom sinks in Chalk are iconic

TikTok’s most recent viral trend sees album covers being made from random photos or videos taken on your phone. The challenge is pretty simple: take photos of a random scene and add an explicit content sticker.

Naturally, we decided to test out this challenge in our beloved Brighton, asking ourselves the question, ‘can anything really be an album cover?’. It’s safe to say that some iconic album covers were produced, so here’s the visual proof that the sights of B-town would look great on your Spotify.

The seagulls on campus that have no fear

The bird of our city but also the bane of our lives. This brave seagull on campus demonstrates how Brighton seagulls are a different breed, and arguably the most savage of the gulls in the UK. The music on this album would probably consist of some scatty drum and bass that you would listen to at the afters of a night out at 4am.

The random graffitied houses in town

It wouldn’t be Brighton without the weird graffiti murals dotted about town. This particular house, branded as The Simpsons house, is one of the many interesting exteriors found in Brighton. This album cover gives off American rap vibes that would be played at a typical house party.

Anything Falmer house moat related

A classic photo of that time the moat at Falmer House was filled with soap and banners were displayed reading ‘Adam, clean up your act’ and ‘Tickell is foaming at the mouth’. This album would be compiled completely of tracks about Adam Tickell.

The ‘real’ East Slope

RIP old East Slope. Probably one of the only photos that could actually pass as an album cover. This pic pays homage to the old East Slope and the rooftop antics that used to occur on any sunny day on campus. The artist would sing about their childhood and young adult years, the genre would probably be mellow rap, definitely Loyle Carner or Rejjie Snow vibes.

The rare sight of snow on campus

Who knew Pevensey could look so pretty? The snow makes this scene appear pretty calm, so the music on this album would probably consist of lo-fi beats you would listen to whilst studying on campus, making you feel calmer about the 8,000 word dissertation deadline looming.

Chalk’s ladies toilets

We are all desperately missing nightclubs right now, so in honour of Chalk, this album cover reminds us of the copious amount of sinks in the girl’s toilet in the club. The music you could expect on this album would be similar to Chalk on a Monday, so lots of Arctic Monkeys, Paramore and Kasabian.

The Devil’s Dyke ‘castle’

Devil’s Dyke is the perfect location for an album cover shoot. This would likely be the cover art for a local indie boy band with less than 1,000 listens on Spotify, but who are on the cusp of getting played on Radio 1.

The library ceiling

Despite the negative associations it has with deadline stress and rushed pre seminar readings, sometimes the library can look aesthetically pleasing. The music on this album would probably be quite sad and depressing, the type that would make you want to go on long solo drives to de-stress and cry until you run out of tears.

A beaut Brighton sunset

Finally, it wouldn’t be Brighton without a sunset beach photo. This album cover captures why we love studying in our seaside city – you can almost feel the warm evenings on the beach with a BBQ and a beer. The album gives off strong summer song vibes, maybe some SZA or Clairo.