Platform B launches Brighton’s first youth led breakfast show

Tune in every weekday 9am-11am

A brand new youth-led radio show called The Rising has launched on Platform B with an aim to empower and uplift the voices of the city.

The Rising is broadcast every weekday from 9 am with presenters Erin James, Jordi Carter, and Elsa Monteith. The two hour show is produced by Eva Lunny and Bobby Brown and offers a mix of new music, current affairs, and local news as well as untapped local and global talent. Artists have an option to submit their music directly to the show and the team will check it out.

Image: @platformbradio on Instagram

Platform B is a not-for-profit radio station, broadcasting online since 2016 and on 105.5.FM and DAB since 2018. It is led by young creatives offering fresh perspectives, and innovative content. With a studio located in the Green Door Store under Brighton railway station, Platform B describes itself as “the place for those looking for nuanced insight into world events and progress, engaging interviews with trailblazers in society, introductions to up-and-coming tracks and musicians and that daily solo dance in the kitchen”.

Jordi Carter, a Drama and Film Studies finalist at the University of Sussex and co-host of  The Rising told the Sussex Tab: “I wanted to get involved and apply for the job when Platform B posted about it on their Instagram because I love music and wanted to combine that with the chance to be part of something brand new. I remember listening to the radio when I was younger and that’s where my love of music came from. When I saw that there was a chance for me to become a Presenter and get to work with other young creatives, I jumped on the opportunity.”

Image: @jordimcarter on Instagram

Talking about being a presenter on Platform B, Jordi says: “It’s one of the best things to happen for me and my career in 2021, especially given the fact that we’re still in a lockdown, and I’m in the final year of my degree. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the world around me better, and even the city of Brighton as a whole. I’ve learned a lot in the time that I’ve been presenting so far, and I think it’s amazing that the show is here as a platform for young creatives in Brighton and young people like myself to have a voice here.”

Image: @platformbradio on Instagram

Former Sussex student Elsa Monteith, Presenter for Platform B says: “The Rising represents the energy and ambition our city is after in these extraordinary times. As presenters, we will pass the mic to new voices, provide companionship and connection in the early hours and stay true to our progressive roots and optimistic outlook. Rise up with The Rising!”

Image: @platformbradio on Instagram

Senior Producer for Platform B, Bobby Brown, says: “We’re really excited to bring you a new breakfast show for Brighton & Hove. We’ve set out to entertain, engage and empower our local communities – we want to hear your stories, and spread the word on ways to keep the community spirit alive and kicking in challenging times. We want to inspire, inform… and have a laugh –  Rise up with The Rising on Platform B!”

The Rising is backed by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund.  The fund is designed to help open up access to sustainable careers in music for people aged 18-25, particularly those who are underrepresented; and to support creative employers to innovate and incubate new and diverse talent.

The Rising airs every weekday 9 am-11 am. You can listen to The Rising on Platform B across Brighton and Hove on 105.5 FM and DAB, globally online or on TuneIn App.

You can also find Platform B on Instagram @platformbradio, Twitter @PLATFORMBradio and Facebook @PLATFORMBradio

Featured image credit  – Lauren Mabbett Photograph