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A love letter to: Pryzm Epik Wednesdays

The best worst night out Brighton has to offer

Loved by many, hated by many more, Pryzm is by far one of the best worst nights out Brighton has to offer. And that is why we love it so much. It's unapologetically itself, the perfect end to any Wednesday sports social and pub crawl, and not to mention the perfect mid week fix. So much so that you will feel withdrawals (and major fomo) if you have a week off.

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The drinks

Unlike so many other Brighton clubs, Pryzm uses actual branded alcohol. It may not be the Grey Goose bottles with sparklers in it that Shoosh flaunt on a Friday, or the kids party cups that Chalk fill, but your trusty double Smirnoff and coke is just what you need on a Pryzm Wednesday, at a student price too! Once you've had a couple of vodkas and tequila shots (if it's going to be a wild one), it's time to move onto what Pryzm is truly famous for: the VK. Cheap bottles of sugar and pure magic, in so many different flavours – there really is something to tickle everyones taste buds.

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Live entertainment

Ever wondered what the Chuckle Brothers sound like live? Been dying to see Tychy Stryder perform Number 1 live? Desperate to see if Tracey Beaker can DJ? Well Pryzm has the answer to all those burning questions.

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But if these star studded guests just don't quite cut it, with three rooms hosting different genres of music, the Curve, Disco and Main room host music for everyone.

Everyone is SMASHED

Never promise yourself that you will go 'easy' on a Pryzm night out, because Pryzm will almost always win that battle. The bars are always packed full of eager students keen to get their hands on as many VK as their bank balance will allow. This means that once you (finally) reach the front and manage to sweet talk the bartender into serving you next, you overcompensate at the desire to avoid having to queue up again. So, obviously, you buy far more drinks than you can hold and so inevitably end up drunkenly handing your mates drinks and slurring the words "don't worry about it mate, let's just go have a good time". Then suddenly it's 4am and the lights come up and you're embarrassingly told it's time to go home.

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The location

Pryzm is located in the best place possible, right in the heart of Brighton's clubbing scene. Opposite Rev's, almost next door to Spoon's and down the road from Boutique, so you can get down those three jägers for a fiver right before heading in.

It's also a 10 minute walk from London Road meaning, Hobgoblin, Shuffle and all the other essential stops on your bar crawl are on route to the ultimate final destination. It's also right opposite Cheeky Chicken, the perfect end to a perfect night.

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Everyone knows everyone

Arguably one of the best parts about a Pryzm Wednesday is that, sports social night, means everyone knows everyone. You can take one step into the steamy, sweat dripping walls of the Cheese room and you're guaranteed to spot at least someone you know.

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Considering the fact that you're also almost guaranteed to lose everyone you came with, it really is a blessing in disguise. Major high school house party vibes.

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No matter how many times you visit, and how many times you tell yourself how shit it is, you will inevitably find yourself returning week after week. You know there's only one place to go on a Wednesday night, and it's Epik.

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