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What Brighton club or pub are you?

Find out your club destiny


You love a girls night out. If you haven’t messaged the girls to see if they’re wearing "jeans and a nice top”, then things are seriously wrong. It’s time to split on a bottle of Prosecco and take insta shots of your cocktails, the same routine every Friday night. And you also love to brunch.

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The Haunt

You’re that guy on campus that spends every day of the year wearing a different band t-shirt. You're used to the sticky floors and dodgy bathrooms, every Monday night you know where to find them. Always ready to dance around to the same playlist and get smashed on cheap jagerbombs and shit tasting doubles all night long.

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Green Door Store

You're indie, and being surrounded by the alternative pop playlists remind you that the mainstream life is simply not for you. You cannot go anywhere without wearing a pair of Doc Martens and complaining about how mainstream music "just isn’t the same". Knowing you're a hipster, but not admitting it, is also key.


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Loves the cheese, if Shoutout To My Ex or Covergirl are your anthems you are guaranteed to be on the dancefloor busting out dance moves with a WKD in each hand. You're always up for a night out, and prepared to go in fancy dress and colourful wavy garms to any occasion.


Everyone loves you, you’re the life of the party, spending almost every day of the week there, it's practically become your second home. You almost definitely have vouchers and are ready to buy you and your pals a pitcher as soon as you walk in the door. You're a classic, reliable friend and always there in any time of need.


Out with the boys making sure you all have the tightest t shirts on possible, ready to start grinding to R&B tunes as the girls strut in 6 inch heels and dresses. Ready to take a Boomerang with your sparkler filled Prosecco bottles and complain about the celeb performance being unfair 5 minutes.

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You met in first year, and promised you wouldn’t ditch your whole friendship group for you boyfriend, but things got too tempting. The thought of going out to a club doesn’t quite live up to the cosy corners of Shuffle with cocktails in hand. Almost definitely refers to their night out as ‘drinks with this one x.’


You are the generic fuck boy. Going out with the lads to try and chat up some girls whilst hopelessly grinding and pretending to enjoy the club remixes of old Basshunter songs. Making sure to Snapchat the entire night out, just so everyone knows you and the boys are out on the pull. If plans fail, they’re ready to relight old flames, with a 3am text, “you up? x”

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Straight to the group chat

Either that, or you're a member of a sport team, guarenteed to be spotted in the cheese room, head to toe in fancy dress, downing copious VK's.

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The Arch

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Lives for the sesh. Guaranteed to be seen in the latest Supreme drop with a bucket hat and bum bag thrown across your body. Will say every song would be better if a bit more drum and bass were added.

Probably caught on other people’s snapchat stories with an almighty gurn and off their face, because thats the only way the night can be endured. Almost definitely wants you to share their soundcloud.


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You’re the cool girl on campus that refuses to go anywhere without her red puffa jacket and hoop earrings. Ready to pose with your do noughts for the inevitable insta photo and sneak a snap of your Photo Booth pic so you don’t have to pay. If you’re ready to dance the night away in your Air Max to Superstitious – you are definitely Patterns.

The Living Room

You’re the youngest of your friendship group and haven’t quite learned how to handle your drink. Plans to go to Pryzm were running smoothly, until you necked too many vodka lemonade's and so you were sent to the bathroom to never be seen again. Has been subject to many unfortunate mug shots over the toilet, and definitely says “I’m never drinking again” before going out on the lash a day later.

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