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Brighton’s best rooftop bars

Bevs, the beach, and rooftop bars – a perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

Although summer is almost over, we know you don't want to be missing one single minute of the sunlight. Well, we have the solution!

Here are the best rooftop bars in Brighton where you can enjoy the last of the warm weather and a drink or two.

The Lion and the Lobster

The Lion and the Lobster, a few street behind Churchill Square, has a hidden treaure. After walking through winding corridors you end up at a beautifully decorated terrace, and another stairway leading up right to the top of the building.

However, you do have to spend a little extra to enjoy it, but it is still within the grasp of a student budget.

Grand Central Rooftop

This has to be the most well-known and popular rooftop bar in Brighton. Grand Central is next to Brighton Station, and probably in the same price range as the Lion and the Lobster.

This is a great place to chill in the sunshine with the rooftops of private houses surrounding the space. The colourful furniture adds to the summer vibes, as well as their variety of drinks (and they have halloumi burgers!).


Although quite popular for a night out, it's not the cheapest. However for a glamourous night out, the bar offers quite the range of cocktails and of course a lovely rooftop to enjoy them on.

The astroturf on the floor and the glass on the side have the vibes of both a golf club and a beer garden.

Rights of Man (Lewes)

Although this isn't in Brighton, Lewes really is only a few train or bus stops away, situated right on the high street in Lewes.

There isn't much choice for vegetarians and vegans if you were going there for a meal, but you can enjoy a classy glass of wine between the roofs of the centre of the town.

Mrs Fitzherbets

This bar next to the Brighton Dome gets dipped into light by its large sunroof in the top floor. The food and drinks are affordable, there is choice for everyone.

Whether for a afternoon lunch in the sun or an evening drink under the stars, Mrs Fitzherberts offers both. And if it rains – no problem, you're not actually on the rooftop.

Kensington Balcony Cafe

This little cafe in the North Laines deserves a mention. From it's balcony, you can oversee the entire street of Kensington Gardens.

Although maybe not the place to be in the evenings, it's a lovely terrace to have breakfast, lunch or an early dinner. Maybe one to keep in mind for next terms studying sessions …