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Here are the best places in Brighton to take your parents

This time you can be prepared

So, it’s happened – it’s Sunday morning, you’re insanely hungover from the night before and you’ve just woken up to the reminder text that your parents are coming to visit today. After stumbling out of bed and throwing some clothes on you’re hit with the task of finding some way to entertain them.

It’s time to do something nice with your parents. Why not have a look at all the lovely places you can take them so they know their precious child has done more with their time than steal traffic cones and throw up in their sink.

The Lanes and North Laine

Where better a place to start than the quirky old fashioned Lanes. It may feel like the obvious choice, but the beautiful twists and turns seem to get better each time you go. Whether it’s experiencing the hustle and bustle of the North Laine or window shopping through the alleyways; the Lanes can leave you dawdling for hours on end in what feels like minutes.

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Not to mention the famous Choccywoccydoodah found on Meeting House Lane, where you and your parents can dribble at the sight of the chocolate sculptures.

If your feeling particularly organised, it’s worth booking in a table at the Cafe where you can experience the true chocolate-deliciousness of the Brighton based company. Indulging in dipping pots and ice-cream sundaes, you can leave feeling luxuriously treated, and potentially a little sick.

The Breakfast Club

Speaking of indulgent foods, The Breakfast Club is also a favourite for it’s delicious comfort food. Located at the heart of the Lanes, The Breakfast Club is a great place to take your parents, they can enjoy their surroundings whilst you get to munch away your hangover.

With food ranging from a Big Ol’ American breakfast to more aesthetic avocado-on-toast, the restaurants caters for everyone; and is vegetarian and vegan friendly. The buzzing atmosphere and vibrant dishes make The Breakfast Club a great place to catch up with your parents as you start to admit that yes, you did miss them.

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Sea Life Centre

No matter how old you are, everyone loves a trip to the aquarium, especially younger siblings who may join on the family trip down to Brighton.

If you fancy a calm day watching the fish swim by it’s the perfect spot. It may even calm your nerves as your parents start asking you questions about your love life and lecturing you about safe sex and your finances.

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The Beach

Ahh. The beach. On a sunny day, you can take a nice stroll with your parents along the pebbles and catch up whilst admiring the sea view. You can walk along The Promenade so that you can duck into some of the great restaurants, shops and galleries, or just grab a drink and listen to the live music. Make sure you see one of the glorious sunsets renown to Brighton beach and maybe even get some fish & chips. Almost like parent therapy.

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64° restaurant

If you’re looking for something a bit more classy then 64° is the way to go. If you’re feeling tired of your ritual of cereal, pasta, and beans on toast and want to take advantage of a meal out that you don’t have to budget for; then head down to this small restaurant tucked into the Lanes.

Founded by Great British Menu winner, Michael Bremner, the restaurant offers mouth-watering small plates all made from local produce.

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The restaurant even focuses on social dining, so make sure you grab a seat by the bar so that you can watch your food being cooked whilst sharing your small plates with your Mum and Dad.

The i360

If you’re not too sure what that giant tower that hovers over the beach is, a family visit is the best time to take a look. Take your parents up the i360 so they can see 360° views of the beautiful coastline, South Downs, and even to the Isle of White on a clear day. You can also get a discount for being a Brighton resident, whether you live on or off campus.

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Lasting about about an hour, you get to spend quality time with your parents, even if you won’t admit that you’ve missed them.

The South Downs

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The beautiful South Downs are definitely a must for when your parents come down to see you. The famous national park surrounds campus and offers some stunning views. You can either walk straight from campus or, if your feeling a bit more adventurous, take the car to the Seven Sisters where you can see the famous chalk cliffs.

Visiting the South Downs is highly recommended if you feel like getting some fresh air, away from your stuffy uni flat that somehow always has an underlying smell of booze.