We asked Sussex students about their Freshers’ Week experiences

‘Raving in the middle of the Park Village street in my dressing gown at 2am’

The dust has settled, and Freshers have been truly inducted into Sussex University. It may be a system shock to some that university is actually hard work and so a daydream to a time that was less demanding – about two weeks ago let’s say – isn’t off the books.

We caught up with some Freshers to reminiscence.


In our drunken state, my flatmates and I thought that it would be hilarious to lug home this sign we found on the street. Now it lives in our kitchen.


My flatmates and I decided to be relatively sensible during freshers, although we all love ‘night on the lash’ surprisingly nobody had to be carried home.

However, we thought that it would be a great idea to head to the Psychedelic Disco ‘fresher’s finale’ on Sunday night, all got ridiculously drunk, stumbled home at 6 am (after an obligatory pit stop at Cheeky Chicken) and I overslept and missed my first ever lecture of term – off to a great start!


(Ran back into house and returned dressed like this) Here’s everything I stole during freshers’ week, now I’ll always be sorted for raves, fancy dress or a game of beach volleyball.


We were all pumped for the Block Party on night three of freshers’ and after a few too many bevs we headed out. As we were leaving I saw a boy struggling to get into his flat nearby and immediately ran to help, forgetting that it had been raining that day and my shoes have shit grip.

Next thing I know I’m on the floor with a chipped tooth, a bloody lip and a grazed knee and my mates carried me to A & E. I would have carried on the sesh if it wasn’t for the cracked tooth. Oh well, you live and you learn.


The highlight of my freshers’ week was probably raving with a load of strangers in the middle of the Park Village street in my dressing gown at 2 am. People were staring out their windows at us like what? are? they? doing?


I got freshers’ flu three days into university. My week basically just involved me staying in whilst my flatmates ‘seshed’ and went out. I managed to drag myself out one night, however, after returning home at 6 am we realised that we were locked out and tragically ended up sleeping on the neighbour’s sofa.


My freshers’ week experience was pretty good despite the fact that I don’t drink. Every time I entered a club I was surrounded by people who were asking me on the dance floor “can I touch your beard?” Or “can I touch your turban”- trust me touching one’s turban is no no.

Even funnier, strangers ran in my direction to hug or fist bump me as if I’d known them for ages. The other night I was invited to the VIP lounge at a club because some people spotted me in the crowd and liked the orange turban! I guess when people see an orange turban its like a bright beacon which tends to just bring people towards me and the great thing is; I tend to bring a smile on their faces.