Oh yes! Sussex clubbers of the week is back

Guess who’s back, back again? Sussex’s back, tag your friends.

Like a bad rash, clubbers of the week is back with a vengeance. You know the drill, have a look through the photos to see whether or not you have won a award this week.

Beauties of the Week (feat. finger point of the week)

Runners up (feat. didn’t quite make it of the week)

Couples of the week


Reluctant Couples of the week

Epiphany of the week

‘I left my cat in the oven!’

Sesh Gremlins of the week

Runners Up

Threesome of the week

Squad of the week

Top Lad of the week

Only in Shoosh

Invisible Backpack of the week

Hangry Human of the week

Grind of the week

Embarrassing Friend of the week

Biggest hoe award

No more tequila for you Patricia

Photos credits

C U Next Tuesday and Runway Fridays photos courtesy of Rox Promotions

Friday I’m in Love photos courtesy of Coalition

Donuts photos courtesy of Green Door Store

Trash Mondays photos by Matt Fuller

Glam Saturdays and Azuri photos courtesy of Shooshh